Gryffe High School kicks off my World Book Day week

I know, I know…it’s a day that’s become a week!

And what a great start it got off to at Gryffe High School in Houston, Renfrewshire.

The wonderfully enthusiastic librarian, Christine Kerr, had organised for me to speak to S1 in the school’s theatre – one of those with a steep rake, which I love because a) I can see everyone easily, b) it makes for a good atmosphere and c) it saves on my voice…and I’m going to need my voice this week!

As always, we ended with a competition. Usually there’s 1 winner. This time there were 3! And one of those was a teacher. (Keeps pupils on their toes!)

Apparently cries of ‘Yabadabadoo’ were to be heard down the school corridors for the rest of the afternoon. Heh heh, I can’t imagine who could have inspired those…