North Inch CC Library, Perth, Saturday 28 Oct 2017, 1130-1230

I’m Perth-bound on Saturday. If you’re nearby, pop along.

We’ll be having one big a laugh. Or several slightly smaller ones. I haven’t decided yet.

The event runs 1130-1230 and is FREE. Just book by clicking here (Eventbrite).

So, what will I be talking about?

Gunk. Hoorah!

Space – the final front ear. I’ve never understood why they put ears in space. What’s the point? You can’t hear anything in a vacuum. (I mean the vacuum you get in space, not the noisy one that gets used to clean the floor ONLY when your favourite TV programme is on.)

Gunk. Yippee!

Exploding body parts – ouch! Yes, Lee (my main character) and I have had the same organ explode. (Honestly.) I’ll tell you which one AND I’ll tell you something REALLY interesting about that same organ might be in YOUR  body.

How to write great stories. Ideal if you want to write short stories, books, comics, computer game storylines…

More gunk. To put you off your lunch, so I can eat it when I’m finished. Yum!

There’ll also be a chance to WIN books. SIGNED books.  Signed books written and signed by me. I’ve been practising my signature…to ensure it’s still illegible. (It is.)

You’ll be able to get copies of my 4 Lee books via the North Inch CC Library. You can also buy them here  or via all good bookshops.

Hope to see you in Perth on Sturday!