Muirhead Primary, Troon

Happily I’ve never before arrived at a school to find pupils sprinting away from me. But that was what happened when I turned up at Muirhead Primary in Troon. Why?

They had a good excuse. It was sports day. And they were running the relay…not running away from me. They certainly had a glorious day for it. Sun screen all round.

I met loads of wonderful people at the school – pupils, parents, teachers (the Deputy Head, Mrs Bell, has the same name as a friend of mine from secondary school, but we soon established that she’s not the same person) and the head teacher, whose portrait you can see on this post.

(She actually does look like her portrait, so well done to whoever drew it.)

A big thank you to everyone for making me so welcome. With luck, it won’t be too long before I’m back.