Another successful North Ayrshire Readers’ Day

I had great fun chairing the 9th North Ayrshire Readers’ Day event on Saturday 21 June. (Hadn’t realised we’d held so many!) Lisa Ballantyne, Tony Black, Hazel McHaffie and J David Simons made up our varied panel. It was probably the most widely travelled we’ve ever had. Lisa’s lived in China, Tony’s from Australia via Ireland and David’s lived in Japan and Israel. Hazel’s the only one not to have lived overseas, as far as I know.

One of the highlights of the readers’ days comes in the form of reader testimonies, in which people explain why reading has been so important to them and share some of their favourite books with everyone. The testimonies are always so passionate and interesting and this year was no different.

As ever, I came away with a long list of books I want to read. Where to start?