Presenting – schools

Some authors love writing so much that they hide away in a glorified shed and only come out if they’ve run out of tea-bags. I’m absolutely definitely not that kind of author.

When I’m not writing I love visiting schools and book festivals to share my books with readers.

I think of my sessions as ‘stand-up literature’ – part stand-up comedy, part literature.  And I don’t mind what size my audience is, from the whole of a tiny school of 8 through to a large school of 800. Normally it’s P4-7 (Years 3-6) because that’s the core age group my books are aimed at, but every school is different. (See here for more details on school visits and other events.)

My readers seem to particularly like the funny-disgusting sections of my books (surely not!), so I invariably include one of those in my sessions, along with writing tips and much more.


Having been to about 800 schools you can imagine that I’ve seen a lot of the UK and Ireland. Part of the fun of presenting is going to new places, so it doesn’t matter where you’re based, if you’d like me to visit then I will if my diary and the logistics work make it possible.

I also chair readers’ days and sessions with other authors at book festivals, talk to teachers about motivating young readers and writers (as well as enhancing their own creative writing skills in CPD sessions) and lots more.

Summer house

Incidentally, I do have a shed for writing in. Except that it’s not a shed. It’s a summer house (above). What’s the difference between a summer house and a shed? It’s £1…as in the £1 that has to be paid into my It’s-a-Summer-House-NOT-a-Shed Fine Box each time someone (usually me) calls it a shed.

(You may have guessed that I spent many long hours building our sh…I mean summer house!)

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