Other roles

Other things I do in order to avoid having a quiet life include being:

Chair of the board of Tidelines Book Festival.

I was part of the team that founded this new North Ayrshire festival. The first events were held in Aug/Sep 2013 and were a huge success. Authors involved included Christopher Brookmyre, Denise Mina and Cathy Cassidy amongst many others.

2014 will see us putting on an even more ambitious programme. Click here to open the Tidelines website.tidelines-logo 20

Treasurer,Board Member & Trustee of Publishing Scotland

Publishing Scotland is the network, trade and development body for the book publishing sector in Scotland. It’s a charity that brings together publishers, authors and all those offering publishing-related services.

Parent Council member

Well run schools make a huge difference to individual pupils and parents as well as to the community in general. So I volunteer on my children’s school’s parent council.

Chief Vegetable Grower of the Charters Household

The pay is terrible and the weather usually isn’t much better. But I love it. And it’s a good excuse to get some fresh air.

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